Volaris LAX Terminal - Los Angeles International Airport

Planning a trip to Mexico, Central America, or beyond with Volaris? Then navigating the vast expanse of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) might seem daunting. Worry not, adventurous traveler!

This comprehensive guide focuses on the Volaris Terminal LAX Airport, ensuring a smooth and stress-free travel experience from check-in to departure. So, buckle up, and let’s explore the intricacies of your Volaris LAX terminal experience!

Quick Information on Volaris Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport CodeLAX
Address9691 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Volaris Terminal LAX AirportTerminal B (Tom Bradley International Terminal)
Arrival TerminalTerminal B
Departure TerminalTerminal B
Phone Number+52 (55) 5133 0123 (Mexico Customer Service)
Check-in CountersRows 8 & 9 on Level 2 of Terminal B
Baggage ClaimBelts A, B & C on the Arrivals Level of Terminal B
Ground TransportationTaxis, ride-sharing services (Uber, Lyft), shuttles, buses, and trains are available from LAX.

What Terminal is Volaris Airlines at LAX Airport?

Flying Volaris from Los Angeles International Airport? Rest assured, all Volaris flights utilize Terminal B (Tom Bradley International Terminal). Whether you’re arriving or departing, Terminal B is your one-stop hub for a seamless and stress-free Volaris experience at LAX. So, navigate with ease and prepare for your exciting adventure!

Volaris Arrival Terminal at LAX Airport

All Volaris flights arriving at LAX utilize Terminal B, also known as the Tom Bradley International Terminal. After processing through immigration and customs, head to Baggage Claim Belts A, B, and C, located on Level 1 of Terminal B. Keep your baggage claim ticket handy for easy identification of your luggage.

Volaris Departure Terminal at LAX Airport

Heading out on a Volaris adventure from Los Angeles? Rest assured, all Volaris departures conveniently take place from Terminal B at LAX Airport. Find Volaris check-in counters on Level 2, Zone B. Look for signage to guide you and allow ample time for check-in, security screening, and any customs procedures.

After security, proceed to your departure gate, which will be displayed on your boarding pass and information screens throughout the terminal. Gates for Volaris flights at Terminal B are typically located in the 1-10 range.

List of all Volaris Terminals.

Volaris Airlines Lost and Found at Los Angeles Airport

If you’ve lost an item while traveling on Volaris at LAX Airport, here’s what to do:

  • Contact Volaris customer service: Call their hotline at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) or reach out through their website or app.
  • File a lost item report: Provide details about your lost item, including its description, location where you think you lost it, and flight information.
  • Check the LAX Lost and Found: While Volaris doesn’t handle lost items directly at the airport, the LAX Lost and Found maintains a central location for recovered items. Visit their website (https://www.flylax.com/lax-comments-and-contact-us/baggage-lost-and-found) or call 424-646-6100 to inquire about your item.

Lounges at Volaris Airlines Terminal in LAX Airport

Unfortunately, Volaris does not operate its lounges at LAX Terminal B. However, passengers seeking a pre-flight haven have several options:

  • Priority Pass Lounges: Terminal B boasts several lounges accessible with a Priority Pass membership or specific fares. Explore options like The Food Court Bar & Grill for casual bites or The Cloud for a more upscale experience.
  • Airline Lounges: Depending on your onward flight and fare class, you might have access to lounges operated by other airlines within Terminal B, such as the Etihad Airways Lounge or the Emirates Lounge. Check with your airline directly for eligibility and access details.
  • Terminal Amenities: While not technically lounges, Terminal B offers various comfortable seating areas, restaurants, and cafes where you can relax and wait for your flight. Explore the terminal map and amenities list on the LAX website for specific options

Food & Dining Options at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) boasts a diverse and delicious selection of food and dining options to cater to every palate and budget. Whether you crave a quick grab-and-go bite before your flight or a leisurely sit-down meal to unwind, LAX has something for you.

Explore a World of Flavors:

Restaurant NameTerminalCuisine
The Food CourtB, C, DInternational
The Habit Burger GrillB, C, DAmerican
Border GrillBMexican
Urth CafféB, C, DCoffee & Bakery
Wolfgang Puck ExpressB, C, DAmerican
See’s CandiesB, C, DSweets
Umami BurgerBBurgers
Peet’s CoffeeB, C, DCoffee
Grab & Go OptionsAll TerminalsVarious

Volaris Services at Terminal in Los Angeles Airport

While Volaris doesn’t operate its dedicated lounges or specific services at LAX Terminal B beyond check-in and baggage claim, you’ll still find various amenities and resources to navigate your journey smoothly:

Check-in:Online, mobile app, or self-service kiosks in Terminal 2 (T2)
Baggage Check-in:Self-service drop-off for most passengers, with assisted counters available in T2
Boarding:Designated gates on the upper level of TBIT
Customer Service:Assistance counters in T2 for flight changes, baggage inquiries, and other needs
Airport Agent Assistance (optional):Free Wi-Fi is available throughout LAX, including TBIT
WiFi:Free Wi-Fi available throughout LAX, including TBIT
Restaurants & Shops:Diverse food options and travel essentials available in TBIT and throughout LAX
Ground Transportation:Taxis, rideshares, shuttles, and car rentals readily available outside LAX terminals

Parking at Volaris Terminal Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Volaris itself does not operate its parking facilities at LAX. However, Los Angeles International Airport offers various parking options across different terminals and parking lots. Here’s a table summarizing the options:

Parking OptionDescriptionPrice (approximate)Distance to Volaris Terminal (TBIT)
Central Terminal Area (CTA) GaragesConveniently located garages attached to Terminals 1-7, offering short-term and long-term parking.Starts at $30 per day.Varies depending on the specific terminal. TBIT is connected to Terminal 7.
Economy Parking LotsPremium service is available at designated locations near the terminals.Starts at $12 per day.Further from the terminals, a shuttle service is required.
Valet ParkingFurther from the terminals, a shuttle service required.Starts at $40 per day.Available at various locations throughout LAX.

Where Does Volaris Airlines Fly from Los Angeles Airport?

Volaris offers a variety of exciting flight options from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), connecting you to numerous destinations across Mexico, Central America, and beyond. Here’s a table showcasing some popular routes:

Airport NameCodeCountry
John F. Kennedy International AirportJFKUnited States
Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportDFWUnited States
Guadalajara International AirportGDLMexico
Tijuana International AirportTIJMexico
León/Guanajuato International AirportBJXMexico
Morelia International AirportMLMMexico
Puerto Vallarta International AirportPVRMexico
Cancún International AirportCUNMexico
Los Cabos International AirportSJDMexico
San José International AirportSJOCosta Rica
Guatemala City International AirportGUAGuatemala
El Salvador International AirportSALEl Salvador
Managua International AirportMGANicaragua
San Pedro Sula International AirportSAPHonduras
Belize City International AirportBZEBelize

Map of Volaris Airlines Terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Here is an interactive Terminal Map where you can find the location of Volaris check-in counters, baggage claim, and other amenities within Terminal B.

Contact Volaris Airlines at Los Angeles Airport

While Volaris doesn’t have a dedicated office at LAX Airport, you can reach them through various channels for assistance:

  • Volaris Check-in Counters: Located in Level 2, Zone B of Terminal B. Staff can assist with boarding passes, baggage queries, and general flight information.
  • Information Desks: Several information desks are located throughout Terminal B. While not directly operated by Volaris, they can help you connect with Volaris representatives or provide general airport information.
  • Volaris US & Canada Customer Service: +1 (855) 243-6234
  • International Calls: Check the Volaris website for the specific number for your country.
  • Volaris Website: Submit a request through the online contact form: https://www.volaris.com/

With this comprehensive guide, navigating the Volaris Terminal at LAX Airport will be as smooth as a mariachi serenade. From locating your terminal to finding delicious dining options and navigating parking, you’re now equipped to embark on your Mexican adventure with ease. So, grab your boarding pass, channel your inner fiesta spirit, and let Volaris take you soaring toward sunshine and tacos. ¡Buen viaje!


Which terminal is Volaris at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?

Volaris operates exclusively from Terminal B (Tom Bradley International Terminal) at Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

What is the Volaris arrivals terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?

All Volaris flights arrive at Terminal B. After clearing customs and immigration (if applicable), head to the designated baggage claim area within the terminal for your specific flight.

What is the Volaris departures terminal at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?

No need to switch terminals! All departures for Volaris flights also take place from Terminal B. Check your boarding pass for the specific departure gate assigned to your flight.

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