Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal offers its passengers all the amenities and impromptu services for a smooth travel journey. At the Charles de Gaulle Airport, the airline boasts a comfortable and hassle-free ecosystem thanks to the world-class infrastructure that helps enhance passengers’ travel experience.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal, the services available for the passengers, and the essential contacts you need for hassle-free travel.

Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal Information (CDG)

Refer to the table below for all the necessary information about Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal –

Airport NameCharles de Gaulle Airport
Airport CodeCDG
Airlines Code624
Pegasus Airlines Terminal CDGTerminal 1
Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
Departure TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Address95700 Roissy-en-France, France
Contact Number
Ticket CounterDeparture Hall, Terminal 1.

What Terminal is Pegasus Airlines at CDG?

Pegasus Airlines operates out of Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1, primarily used for international flights. Known for its world-class facilities, Terminal 1 at CDG ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

The terminal offers state-of-the-art amenities including dining options, duty-free shops, fashion boutiques, children’s play areas, and other services that cater to the diverse passengers’ needs.

The airline provides seamless travel connections, offering the gateway from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the Middle East and Europe.

Passengers flying from Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal can expect a streamlined check-in, security screening, and boarding experience. In addition, the airline services offered at the terminal help passenger plan their travel effectively.

When traveling from Terminal 1, passengers will find Pegasus Airlines lobby to be a well-equipped departure point for their travel.

Pegasus Airlines CDG Departure Terminal

Pegasus Airlines departs from Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle Airport as the terminal handles all the international traffic. The Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal has modern facilities ensuring a comfortable and smooth travel journey.

Passengers flying from Terminal 1 need to proceed to the check-in counter if they have not completed the check-in online. You must arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure keeping in mind the ample time for hassle-free boarding.

The Pegagus check-in counter opens 3 hours before up until 45 minutes before departure. It is advisable to complete the check-in online to avoid long queues at the airport.

Collect your boarding pass, and head to the baggage drop counter. Here you can add extra bags, subject to a fee. The counter accepts bags until 45 minutes before departure.

After you submit your bags and collect the baggage tags, head to the security screening area. Here keep your passport, visa, and other travel documents handy for a swift clearance. The security checks are streamlined in a way to clears the process smoothly and efficiently.

After security clearance comes the Boarding Hall where you will find a range of shopping and dining options. Passengers traveling on a business trip have access to multiple lounges and conference centers here.

Pegasus Airlines CDG Arrival Terminal

Pegasus Airlines flights arrive at Terminal 1 of the Charles de Gaulle Airport. This terminal is specifically dedicated to international travelers, offering a range of services and amenities for hassle-free travel.

Once you arrive at the Pegasus Airlines SXB Terminal, it features duty-free outlets, retail stores, cafes, currency exchange counters, ATMs, and other amenities that enhance the passengers’ convenience.

You would first encounter the Custom & Immigration counters. Multiple checkpoints help reduce the waiting time at the Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal.

After you clear the customs, passengers must head to the Baggage Claim area. The CDG International Airport maintains quality standards and has streamlined the baggage carousel according to the arrival flight number. This helps save time and maintain the highest accuracy when it comes to retrieving the checked luggage.

For passengers requiring assistance related to baggage issues, there’s a dedicated Lost and Found counter operated by Pegasus Airlines at the Arrivals area.

You will also find plenty of Ground Transportation options at the Exit Area of Terminal 1 which include car rentals, buses, taxis, and shuttle services.

List of All Pegasus Airlines Terminals.

Lost and Found Office at Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal

For passengers whose baggage is lost at Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal, the airline will make every serious effort to locate their bags and return them as soon as possible.

For passengers whose baggage has been delayed at the CDG terminal there are 2 options –

    • You need to report the missing baggage before leaving the Charles de Gaulle Airport. The airline will issue a unique reference number that will help track your lost baggage.
    • If you have left the airport, you can file the delayed or damaged baggage report online.

Passengers whose bags are missing 5 days after the arrival need to provide a detailed description of the baggage.

In unfortunate events where bags is still missing after 21 days, the bags will be considered as lost. Passengers are entitled to lost baggage compensation.

Passengers need to visit the Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Office to fill out the baggage claim compensation form. You may be asked to provide invoices, bank statements, purchase receipts, and booking confirmation numbers.

Passengers whose baggage arrives late at the Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal have the option to purchase essential daily items like underwear, medicines, and swimwear. Passengers may be asked to submit the receipts.

Travel Services Offered at Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal

At the Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal, the airline offers the following services for a seamless travel experience. The airline also offers services that help passengers with onward travel.
    • Seat selection – Passengers at the CDG terminal can request extra legroom, front seats, window seats, aisle seats, and other seats for a fee. The seat selection can be requested at the time of check-in and must be completed 60 minutes before departure.
    • Pegasus Flex – Passengers at the airline’s counter can add Pegasus Flex which gives them the option to change or cancel the flight by offering flexibility to their booking. Passengers have the option to cancel the flight up to 3 hours at the airport without paying any fee.
    • Add Baggage – Need to add an extra baggage allowance at the CDG airport. The Pegasus Airlines representatives will help passengers add extra bags and is subject to a fee. The airline offers a 20 kg checked luggage allowance for each bag per passenger.
    • Fly & watch – Passengers can also subscribe for Fly & watch service that helps passengers with onboard entertainment. The package helps passengers access movies, TV shows, Music & Podcasts, News & Magazines, Games, City Guides, and flight information.
    • Airport transfer – Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal offers a VIP/Airport Transfer Shuttle that offers end-to-end travel for passengers at highly discounted fares.&

Pegasus Airlines Flight Delay Compensation at CDG Terminal

Passengers whose flight is delayed between 15 minutes and 1 hour at Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal are given advanced notification at the airport.If there is a delay between 1 hour and 2 hours, passengers will receive 2 free phone calls or email services.For a flight delay between 2 hours and 3 hours, passengers are eligible to free meals/refreshments and communication assistance as mentioned above. /p>For a flight delay between 3 hours and 5 hours, passengers will receive free flight change and accommodation if the delay occurs overnight.If there is a flight delay of 5 hours or more, passengers are eligible to the following –
    • 2 free phone calls
    • Complimentary meals and refreshments
    • Overnight accommodation
    • Daytime accommodation for sick, elderly, or disabled passengers.
    • Eligible for flight delay compensation

Amenities Offered at Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal

For a quality travel experience, Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal offers world-class amenities not only help you navigate smoothly but also help you spend quality time at the airport while you wait for your flight. These amenities include –
    • Dnata Assisted Passenger
    • Dnata Ticket Sales
    • Dnata Visa Services
    • Currency Exchange
    • Lifestyle Luxury Vacation
    • Virgin Mobile
    • Baggage Wrapping
    • Unaccompanied minor lounge
    • sleep ‘n fly Sleep & Showers
    • Be Relax
    • Travelex
    • Al Ansari Currency Exchange
    • Saudi German Hospital
    • Baby Care Rooms
    • Emergency & Medical

Map for Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal

Refer to the  Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 map below to identify all the services and amenities available here.Pegasus Airlines CDG Terminal offers the utmost comfort in the form of prompt travel services and world-class amenities. These facilities not only enhance their quality travel experience but also ensure flexibility and affordability to their travel. The airline also offers onward travel services at affordable costs that help even a new traveler at the CDG airport with greater guidance and seamless travel options.


Which terminal does Pegasus Airlines operate from at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Pegasus Airlines serves as a primary hub at CDG and operates at Terminal 1.

How can I get to the Pegasus Airlines terminal at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

After you reach the CDG airport, proceed towards Terminal 1 which is well-equipped guided signage. Look for the Pegasus Airlines counter there.

Are there any specific check-in counters for Pegasus Airlines at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Yes, there are multiple self-service check-in kiosks and traditional check-in counters operated by Pegasus Airlines at Terminal 1.

What are the check-in times for Pegasus Airlines flights from Charles de Gaulle Airport?

Passengers need to complete the check-in at the Pegasus Airlines Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal up to 60 minutes before departure.

Are there lounges available for Pegasus Airlines passengers at Charles de Gaulle Airport?

No. There is no dedicated lounge for Pegasus Airlines at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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